MLM - Network Marketing Trial Lawyer 
Trusts Administration Attorney 

     Lawyer for successful MLM / Network Marketing distributors who have been wrongfully terminated by a multi-level marketing company.  
David Eisenstein  is licensed to practice in California and Arizona and has appeared pro hac vice (for the particular case) in several other jurisdictions.  

     When a distributor is terminated or suspended wrongfully or unfairly, it is necessary to hire a trial attorney who knows the way MLM works and how to
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obtain a judgment for the distributor in the courts. 
     Are you a successful distributor who has been unfairly terminated?  
     There is a solution for bad treatment of good people!
David G. Eisenstein, Esq. is an experienced MLM litigation attorney:
-- 39 years of practice as licensed attorney 
-- Admitted to practice in California (2003) and Arizona (1976)
-- Has represented network marketing companies and key distributors in regulatory actions and wrongful termination suits since 1990.

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