A qualified Attorney-Mediator allows the parties to resolve their differences speedily, with significant savings in cost in terms of fees and court costs, but also in terms of business disruption and lost opportunities due to spending their time, energy, and money fighting each other in court or arbitration. The mediation resolutions are as varied as the parties and the litigation situations in which they find themselves. So, tailored resolutions are always on the table in mediated disputes.

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David Eisenstein - Attorney Mediator

David Eisenstein, a lawyer mediator with 40 years of nationwide experience as a practicing lawyer with an emphasis on (MLM) network marketing litigation, occupies a completely unique niche as a lawyer-mediator in direct sales disputes. He has participated in many mlm mediations involving lawsuit mediation, emphasizing distributor wrongful termination suit mediations.

Attorney David Eisenstein is The Networks Mediator. As the Networks Mediator, David uses his vast experience in MLM litigation in his role as The Network Mediator in order to resolve serious and complex differences over direct sales networks.

David G. Eisenstein

Mediation Areas of Emphasis


Network Marketing (MLM) Litigation MediationsNetwork Marketing (MLM) Litigation MediationsNetwork Marketing (MLM) Litigation Mediations

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David G. Eisenstein, Esq., the Networks MediatorDavid is an experienced network marketing attorney in all legal and operational issues surrounding network marketing mediation, litigation, arbitration and trials, as well as trusts litigation and trust administration. His main areas of legal emphasis, since becoming licensed in 1976 have been commercial litigation and administrative law, and particularly since 1989, as those areas apply to litigation in the areas of network marketing, trusts and estates
Your lawyer-mediator is not a “decider” like a Judge or Jury or Arbitrator, but serves as a neutral facilitator of a settlement which is reached by the parties themselves during the mediation.