Network Marketing (MLM) Litigation Mediations

David has pivoted his focus to attorney-mediator in a unique niche he has long occupied for which he enjoyed a national reputation for excellence as a complex litigation attorney within the direct sales industry. From 1989 through January, 2017, David has distinguished himself in federal and state courts around the country in cases establishing important legal precedents in the area of network marketing. He won a landmark jury verdict in Monterey County Superior Court (2002) in a dispute between key distributors and a network marketing company over wrongful termination. David litigated two cases brought by the FTC and the California Attorney General relating to the issue of "internal consumption" by distributors as that relates to regulators' claims that the MLMs involved in those cases were illegal pyramids. David has also served as outside special counsel to a multi-billion dollar publicly traded network marketing company.

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He was honored at the April, 2010 annual meeting of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association as one of the 25 "Best of the Best in MLM" as a result of his career involvement in the MLM industry and for his lengthy service as a lawyer for distributors who had been wrongfully terminated. He also was a speaker on the distributor issues panel at that conference.

David has been a featured Speaker, as well as chairing and being a member of numerous expert industry legal and business panels on multi-level marketing at various gatherings of industry professionals since 2003, where he has addressed groups representing all segments of the industry, from distributor groups like the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP, formerly known as the Distributors Rights Association) to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), the Multi Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), and at Network Marketing Business Journal Seminars.

David was the Co-Founder, Director, Shareholder, and Officer of two network marketing companies, Essentially Yours Industries (EYI), 1995, and The GoodLife Network, 1996, and a key distributor in others. He served as In-House Counsel for a Florida network marketing company for whom he coordinated a team of litigators in California while assisting the company and its principals in defending the regulatory attack of that company in the Superior Court of California. He has appeared in multiple jurisdictions on behalf of clients involved in numerous American Arbitration Association arbitrations as well as in arbitrations and mediations conducted by other alternative dispute organizations.

He was lead counsel in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Maryland and in the United States Court of Appeals (4th Circuit) on matters which were initiated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against clients of his. He has also appeared pro hac vice (for the particular case) in the United States District Courts of the Northern District of Texas, of the Northern and Central Districts of California before becoming licensed in California, the Northern District of Illinois (Chicago), and District Courts of Nevada, Connecticut, Utah, and North Carolina on MLM litigation matters.

David has authored numerous articles on the network marketing industry as it intersects with legal issues, especially as they pertain to the wrongful termination of key distributors.

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Your lawyer-mediator is not a “decider” like a Judge or Jury or Arbitrator, but serves as a neutral facilitator of a settlement which is reached by the parties themselves during the mediation.