More About David's Qualifications

David is a member of the California Bar (since 2003) and the Arizona Bar (since 1976). He has been licensed to appear before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals since 1979. He became a Member of the United States Supreme Court Bar in 1984. He is a Member of the United States District Court Bars for the Northern, Central and Southern Districts of California, and the District of Arizona. He is also a Member of the Bars of the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals for the Ninth, Fourth, and Federal Circuits. He has appeared as lead counsel in the Florida Circuit Court on a wrongful termination case involving the COO of a network marketing company.

David also founded and served as President of Residential Treatment Centers, Inc., 1985, which, at its Saguaro Vista Ranch, a converted dude ranch in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona, became an award winning residential treatment facility for women with addictions to drugs and/or alcohol.

In addition to his law practice, David has taught college and graduate level courses in Business Law and International Business Law, Political Science, and Health Law.

Education & Training

CLE Course Credits for the State Bars of California and Arizona Completed in 2017:

  • Ethics:
    The Heart of Mediation
  • Skills for Preparation & Effective Representation in Employment Mediations
  • Effective Representation in Mediation and Negotiation
  • Maximizing Your Potential for Success at Mediation
  • Ethics in Mediation:
    Lessons for Neutrals and Advocates
  • Bird's Eye View & Special Tips for Representing Parties in Mediation
  • Dealing with a Difficult Client during the Mediation Process
  • Commercial Mediation Part I
    General Mediation and Negotiation Theory
  • Commercial Mediation Part II
    Negotiation Theory, Skills, and Communication
  • Commercial Mediation Part III
    Preparation for Mediation
  • Commercial Mediation Part IV
    Opening and Joint Session, Caucus, and Generating Movement
  • Commercial Mediation Part V
    Impasse Breaking and Risk Analysis
  • Commercial Mediation Part VI
    10 Mistakes Even Good Mediators Make
  • Commercial Mediation Part VII
    Arriving at Closure, Follow-up and Multiple Sessions, and an Overview of the Benefits of Mediation and Mediation Practice Building.
  • Commercial Mediation Part VIII
    Mediation Ethics Skills for Preparation & Effective Representation in Insurance Mediations.
Your lawyer-mediator is not a “decider” like a Judge or Jury or Arbitrator, but serves as a neutral facilitator of a settlement which is reached by the parties themselves during the mediation.