Trusts Litigation Mediations

Until recently, his trusts and estates practice revolved around his preparation of and responsibility for client trusts and their trust administration, from the time he began practicing in California in 2003. In 2016 he transitioned his 10,000 plus trust client practice to the capable hands of his law partner. With his litigation skills and knowledge of the subject matter, David handled to completion nearly 50 proceedings in front of Probate Divisions of the Superior Courts in San Diego and Los Angeles counties, as well as Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and several others around the State of California. In this area of practice, in light of his recent change to lawyer-mediator from representing individual clients which he has left up to his partner, David has now made himself available exclusively as an attorney-mediator to mediate legal disputes among those with interests in trusts being administered and estates being probated. He serves on the Panel of Mediators of the Probate Court Division of the San Diego County Superior Court.

Your lawyer-mediator is not a “decider” like a Judge or Jury or Arbitrator, but serves as a neutral facilitator of a settlement which is reached by the parties themselves during the mediation.